Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blog 1 - "Dissonant Accord" by Justin Bower

Dissonant Accord, 2013
Oil on canvas

Justin Bower is an artist who creates large oil paintings that appear as if it was a digital piece.  His works tend to question our perception as human in digital aspects as well as in the virtual age while demonstrating it in a moving notion. The ongoing disoriented human image in most of his work also confronts us on the use of technology in our daily lives.  Justin Bower is able to portray the moving image through the use of doubling of features such as multiple eyes, spliced nose, melting mouths and pixelated splashes of color to invoke the illusion of the abstract process.  There is also the use of a familiar pattern that was commonly used in the 60’s to help create a hallucinatory effect.  In this particular piece called "Dissonant Accord" we see a face, however, it is hard to recognize whether it is a woman or a man. Through this piece, I believe Bower confronted us on “who we are” as human beings. I chose this piece mainly because I do believe technology has taken control over our society. This piece sets the idea of instability which is a big part of our society. 

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