Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blog 1 - Kako Ueda "Faces"

Faces by Kako Ueda

This drawing titled "Faces" is by a contemporary Japanese artist Kako Ueda.  Kako Ueda's primary medium of choice is paper.  She produces mainly drawings and water color pieces and cut paper.  Cut paper is part of Ueda's Japanese culture mainly for stenciling and to produce kimono patterns.  Kako mainly focuses on natural subjects such as animals and human bodies.  Her work is influenced by Chinese holistic approach to medicine and how things born out of nature are able to be manipulated by culture over time. I chose this drawing because it has movement and depth.  Every time you look at it you can see a different object or animal or flower aside from the main picture as a whole.  I favor the contrast and the fact that the drawing seems symmetrical but when you look closer one can see that certain parts especially in the top half are not alike on each side.

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