Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Little Red House" by Anne Dalton

Anne Dalton, a prominent Canadian painter, gets her inspiration for her landscapes from her travels throughout North America. Specifically, Her favorite sketching locations are Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Cape Cod, Maine and Vermont. After her travels, Anne returns to her studios and uses her sketches and her memories of the trip to create her vivid and vibrant masterpieces. Anne uses a layering technique called "glazing" which is a long process that really enhances the details and texture of the painting. As shown in this piece, Anne captures the look and feel of the North American landscape by detailing the environment as well as the architecture of this region. The paintings uniqueness comes from the vibrant colors which really makes the painting pop out at the viewer. Many of her fans have felt as if her landscapes reanimate experiences and moments in their lives which is what sets her paintings apart from others.

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