Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Osiris Girl

Gabriel Vormstein
Pencil, watercolor, wall paint on newspaper

Inspired by 20th century masters such as Andy Warhol, Gabriel Vormstein's images are painted directly onto newspaper, focusing on redrawing figures from art history and fashion magazines. His liking of organic, low-cost materials suggest a connection between the degrading effects of age that newsprint and the body share. In this particular painting, there is an interesting contrast. His use of different adapted styles comments on the disappearing and upcoming periods of time - in this sense, the past is attached to the present. While the newsprint remains the same consisting of already passed events, simultaneously it creates a divide between the “new” presence, his painting. At first, I chose this painting because of it's vibrant colors, but after discovering he focuses on images from fashion magazines, it just makes sense ...I smell what he's stepping in.

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