Wednesday, March 26, 2014

red wind, blue night

TITLE: Red Wind, Blue Night
ARTIST: Jim Dine (American, b.1935)
CATEGORY: Paintings
MATERIALS: Acrylic and charcoal on canvas with wood
SIZE: h: 68 x w: 97 in / h: 172.7 x w: 246.4 cm
STYLE: Contemporary
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ONLINE CATALOGUE(S): Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art Inventory Catalogue
Color  Mar 2 - Apr 11, 2014

I chose this image because the colors really caught my attention. I like how the random shapes of color make the shape of the heart. This image seems very simple but is very complex. What i like the most about the image is that there is more to the image then what you see when you first look at it and each individual can interpret the painting how they want.

Banksy- Choose your weapon

TITLE: Choose Your Weapon
ARTIST: Banksy (British, b.1974)
CATEGORY: Prints and Multiples
MATERIALS: Screenprint on paper
MARKINGS: Signed and numbered by the artist
SIZE: h: 70 x w: 70 cm / h: 27.6 x w: 27.6 in
STYLE: Urban / Street Art
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GALLERY: Unlawful Art  +44 (0)20 7504 1283  Send Email
DESCRIPTION: This print is in pristine condition and comes with a certificate of authenticity from Pest Control. This is the Turquoise colourway - edition of 25.
ONLINE CATALOGUE(S): Unlawful Art Inventory Catalogue
  I chose this piece of art because I liked how it was very much like pop art but also very modern. I also really enjoyed the colors and like how the background is a bright color and the stuff in the middle is black and white. 

Examples of Hands Free Art


I chose this because I like the colors. I like that you can see a reflection even though there is nothing there. I say this because it also looks like a landscape but it is made out of mixed medium. 

TITLE: Ephemeral Pink
ARTIST: Miya Ando
CATEGORY: Sculptures
MATERIALS: Dye, pigment, lacquer, resin on aluminum plate
SIZE: h: 36 x w: 36 in / h: 91.4 x w: 91.4 cm
STYLE: Contemporary
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GALLERY: Sundaram Tagore Gallery  (212) 677-4520  Send Email
ONLINE CATALOGUE(S): Miya Ando (Hong Kong)  Feb 13 - Mar 22, 2014

Crow in Samona

TITLE: Crow in Sonoma
ARTIST: Tom McKinley (American, b.1955)
CATEGORY: Paintings
MATERIALS: Oil on panel
SIZE: h: 24 x w: 49 in / h: 61 x w: 124.5 cm
STYLE: Contemporary Realism
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GALLERY: John Berggruen Gallery  415-781-4629  Send Email

ONLINE CATALOGUE(S): John Berggruen Gallery Inventory Catalogue 

This is a painting completed in 2013 by Tom McKinley entitled "Crow in Samona". It is a contemporary painting completed using oil on panel. I chose this painting because I thought it was very interesting how it had a video-game like quality to it because it is very graphic and clean. I also like his use of light whether it be the pink sunset under the dark blue sky or the pops of light coming from the grass and the house. This painting makes me feel a sense of peace and quiet and looks like a wonderful place to be.