Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bent by Julio Larraz

Bent by Julio Larraz
Oil on Canvas, 60 x 72 in, 2002

Julio Larraz was born in Havana, Cuba. Most of his reflects the progression from his childhood in Cuba through a move to the U.S. I like this particular piece because it has a fresh Caribbean style. The angles and the floating woman definitely caught my attention and brought memories of integration to a new environment.

Damien Hirst's "Saint Bartholomew, Exquisite Pain"

Damien Hirst, "Saint Bartholomew, Exquisite Pain," 2006, Bronze
2500 x 1100 x 950 mm | 98.4 x 43.3 x 37.4 in | Edition 1 of 6 + 2 APs + 1 HC
Sculpture, Gold, Silver and Bronze
Image: Photographed by Stephen White © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2012
On display Chatsworth House, Bakewell, United Kingdom

Hirst's statue depicts Bartholomew, one of the twelve apostles often referred to as Nathaniel. Hirst pictures Bartholomew holding his shed skin, alluding to his death during which he was buried alive. However, this sculpture envisions Bartholomew holding a scissor in one hand and a scalpel in the other as if implying he skinned himself. This metaphoric gesture refers to the martyrdom of Bartholomew since, as a Christian put to death for his religion, he accepted his death. Instead of picturing him weak and deathly, the sculpture displays Bartholomew with a triumphant and powerful stance. Shedding his skin becomes a a metaphor for his ascension into heaven; once he sheds his material existence, he becomes powerful.


I chose this piece because I want to do my pose painting on something like this. I really like the facial expression; it says a lot. I also like the slightly open lips. The dark background with a revealing picture like this goes hand in hand.
Artist: Francesco del Cairo (Italian, 16071665)
Title: Lucretia (?)
Medium: Paintings
Size: 57 x 49 cm. (22.4 x 19.3 in.)
Movement: Old Masters
Catalogue: Matthiesen Gallery Inventory
Estimate: Price on Request
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Nissan Primera

I thought that this photo was very interesting. There is a road and on it is a bird that have been run over. I think this is showing that today, nature is seen as in the way, rather than we are in the way of nature. Also with the bird being on the white line, it shows that we are necessarily willing to move out of the way of nature either.


Esko Männikkö

(Finnish, b. 1959)

Nissan Primera 1

21 x 17.5 in. (53.3 x 44.4 cm.)
Inventory Catalogue
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Wang Xiaosong

Wang Xiaosong is a Chinese artist who paints on a number of mediums. He has a classical Chinese background and has many artworks that are traditional Chinese paintings. He has a number of these paintings on fans and also on large canvases. The artwork looks like the paintings in Chinese restaurants of flowers, cats, mountains, birds and other typical Chinese stuff. This artwork is apart of a series he has and is oil on canvas. I like the texture of this painting and the 3Dness of it. Looks like the cover of a science textbook or something. Like a bunch of red blood cells attacking something. 


Wang Xiaosong

 (Chineseb. 1964)

聚變的間隙 (The Gap of Fusion)

oil on canvas
150.5 x 100.8 cm. (59.3 x 39.7 in.)
Asian and Western 20th Century and Contemporary Art, Saturday, April 26, 2014, Lot 53
Est. 220,000320,000 CNY 
Sold for 350,000 CNY Premium 


Roy Lichtenstein's "Modern Art ll"

This picture caught my attention because of how there seem to be several parts of a face chopped up to make the whole picture. I like the way the artist rearranged each part in a specific way. The dots, and lines seem to add to the piece instead of just leaving solid color throughout the whole thing. I like the simple color choices he used, spreading color throughout the picture. Roy Lichtenstein had a very modern approach to his artwork by using many different shapes and lines with pops of color. All of his work seems to resemble itself as they all seem to look very cartoonish.

Roy Lichtenstein


Modern Art II

Prints and Multiples
Limited edition of 50
48 x 38.25 in. (121.9 x 97.2 cm.)
Contemporary, Pop Art
L.A. Art Show, Wednesday, January 15, 2014–Sunday, January 19, 2014
Price on Request

Daxer & Marschall Kunsthandel

I love this piece "the study of three sturgeon."  This painting was done using watercolor and drawing.  
I find this painting very interesting as it shows three different species of sturgeon which are a very
uniques endangered species of fish.  The painting clearly shows the size differences and differences in 
appearance  and coloration.  I find it interesting that sturgeon was the fish being studied and painted as they 
are rarely caught and very unique.

Aloys Zötl


Study of Three Sturgeon

Works on Paper (Drawings, Watercolors etc.)
Daxer & Marschall Kunsthandel Fine Art Inventory
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Martini Quad by Burton Morris

Burton Morris

 (Americanb. 1964)

Martini Quad

Prints and Multiples
101.6 x 81.3 x 7.6 cm. (40 x 32 x 3 in.)
Pop and Contemporary Fine Art Inventory Catalogue
Est. 20,00030,000 USD 

I like this print made by Burton Morris because of the vibrant colors and how it was done on four separate pieces to make one whole piece. I also favor how the olives are also on the wall and not just in the print itself.  It gives it a nice 3-d illusion.

Joan Miro-- Molly McKee

Joan Miró (Spanish, 1893–1983)
Espriu: one print, 1975

Aquatint, and etching with carborundum on Guarro paper
34 х 27.5 in. (86.36 x 69.85 cm.)
Signed, and numbered 23/50 in pencil
Edition of 50
Foundry/Publisher Sala Gaspar, Barcelona

This is an etching made by Joan Miro. I liked this piece because of the lack of color. I like how black and white is the dominant in the etching. I also like how the etching looks like a jungle cat like a panther. This etching also look cartoonist in a way, like the panther from the Jungle Book. Also the entire figure from the etching isnt fully etched out and I like that too because you can still see what the etching is of. 

Dalí Atomicus

This photograph is titled "Dali Atomicus".  I like it because it makes no sense, I honestly don't see how anything in this picture links to anything else. The work is a collaborative effort of American photographer Philippe Halsman and the artist Salvador Dalí.  The medium used was 1 photographic print : gelatin silver. The artists were exploring the idea of suspension, but in my opionion the only thing that looks suspended is the easel that Dalí is painting on, everything else looks like it's falling.  I do not know where it hangs or how much it sold for.

Andrew Sendor's Addison Hayden Wheeler

I chose this for a few reasons. First, I love how simple it was. Second, I liked how the artist used white to portray a child's innocence. The child looks very angelic and he did a beautiful job. The child simply looks like a doll. 


Andrew Sendor


Addison Hayden Wheeler, Artist Unknown, 2018, human being, display case and mixed media, dimensions variable

26 x 18 in. (66 x 45.7 cm.)
V1 Gallery Inventory Catalogue
Price on Request

Contemporary Faces Mexican 3

Artist: Leiko Ikemura
Title: Contemporary Faces Mexican 3, 2011
Medium: Works on paper (Drawings, Watercolor)
Size: 55.5x38 cm
Movement: Contemporary

I chose this painting because because I love the use of warm colors. I also thought it was very interesting how he was able to form the face in an abstract way through the use of different spots of water color. The blending of colors also helps pull the entire painting together.


The Circus

I chose this because at first I thought it was very abstract, but when I looked closer you can clearly see that there is a crowd of people at the circus.It still has a abstract element to it because you can not clearly tell what is in the foreground which I like, it keeps the viewer interested. I like the way the colors are used and you can tell that there is a spotlight shining down. 

Lill Tschudi (Swiss, 1911–2004)
LOT ID: 97493
In the Circus, 1932

Linocut, in colors
11 х 12.5 in. (27.94 x 31.75 cm.)
Signed, numbered, and inscribed in pencil

The Swiss artist Lill Tschudi, who studied under the Italian Futurist painter Gino Severini, created this linocut entitled "In the Circus" in 1932. A richly inked impression of an incredibly dynamic work, "In the Circus" has not been offered at auction since 2010. Tschudi is best known for her association with the Grosvenor School of Modern Art, where she studied from 1929 to 1930. Starting in 2012, prints by artist from the Grosvenor School have seen a dramatic resurgence at auction, making record prices and proving incredibly popular among collectors particulrly in London, where the Grosvenor School was located.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ecstasy of Love No. 11 - 4

Wang Qiang
Oil on canvas
24 x 24 in. (60.96 x 60.96 cm.)

Estimate: US$8,000–10,000
Opening Bid: US$7,200 

This is one of Wang Qiang's latest pieces. It depicts a still-life of strings of pearls, meditation beads, and gems that act together as a visual metaphor for the feeling of passionate love. I chose this piece because at first I thought it was a photograph. It is nicely done, and after reading into the meaning behind the piece, the colors and composition make sense. I also enjoy the round frame as opposed to the usual square/rectangle one seen in many other pieces.

Artificial Landscape – Pink Picture

I chose the piece titled Artificial Landscape – Pink Picture by Korean artist Kim Jongsook.  This piece was completed in 2014 and is currently up for auction on artnet.  The opening bid is $15,000 and it is estimated to be worth between $20,000 and $25,000.  The medium is acrylic and Swarovski crystals on canvas.  The size is 51.3 by 63.94.  I think this piece is really impressive because it must have been very time consuming to arrange and glue down every single rhinestone.  I also like that the background is pink.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pink Square Twist

I chose this because of its simplicity.  There are only five colors.  It reminds me o pictures I used to make on the Paint thing on the computer.

TITLE: Pink Square Twist
ARTIST: Ronald Davis (American, b.1937)
CATEGORY: Paintings
STYLE: Contemporary
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