Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins' "piETa"

Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins' "piETa," statue (with mechanics?), 2013-2014

As if to tip their hats to one of the most recognizable fixtures of art, the Pieta, Marman and Borins created a contemporary version of the once religiously stilted trend. In their collaborative piece, the artists unify all religions to express a worldly sense of community. The traditional Pieta depicts Jesus immediately after he has been taken down from the cross; in other words, the moment sees Jesus right before he dies as humanity's savior. The positive undertones carry through to "piETa" in which humanity, like in the original Pieta, is united. They have taken two significant scifi figured--ET and Yoda--to express a universal sense of coming together, extending the allegory in a humorous and identifiable way. YouTube Clip of "piETa."

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