Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Light/Dark"-Marina Abramovic


In this particular performance we see Marina and her partner at the time slapping each others face. The performance art start at a slow paste but through out the time, the slaps becomes progressively  faster and harder. One of the reason for choosing this particular piece is because of the emotions that are portrayed in each swing of a slap. Although, the audience is expecting the slap there is still a shock. The faster it gets the more emotional it becomes to watch. There is a strong love and hate relationship here. There is an intense power of uncontrolled love. Is by far an erotic scene.  
 Another part  that caught my attention is the sound/music that the slaps created. It becomes a rhythm similar to drums. It was a very interesting piece to watch and what was more intriguing is the emotions and the repetition that builds up the piece.

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