Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Giant Walk-In Vagina by Reshma Chhiba

Giant Walk-in Vagina By Reshma Chhiba 

 Resha Chhiba a South African artist. The exhibition is a walk-in instillation in a a form of a giant vagina, situated in an old women prison in Johannesburg. In the exhibition, Resha wanted to make a statement about women power and women's oppression. The exhibition uses giant red sponge walkway and  acrylic wool to imitate pubic hair. One of the reason for choosing this particular piece is because Resha was asked to produced an artwork to discussed the apartheid(Segregation policy) time in Johannesburg women's jail but, instead she made a statement of woman being oppressed in the past and in the present.The installation brought a lot of controversy among the government and leaders about this being a form of porn.

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