Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Circus

I chose this because at first I thought it was very abstract, but when I looked closer you can clearly see that there is a crowd of people at the circus.It still has a abstract element to it because you can not clearly tell what is in the foreground which I like, it keeps the viewer interested. I like the way the colors are used and you can tell that there is a spotlight shining down. 

Lill Tschudi (Swiss, 1911–2004)
LOT ID: 97493
In the Circus, 1932

Linocut, in colors
11 х 12.5 in. (27.94 x 31.75 cm.)
Signed, numbered, and inscribed in pencil

The Swiss artist Lill Tschudi, who studied under the Italian Futurist painter Gino Severini, created this linocut entitled "In the Circus" in 1932. A richly inked impression of an incredibly dynamic work, "In the Circus" has not been offered at auction since 2010. Tschudi is best known for her association with the Grosvenor School of Modern Art, where she studied from 1929 to 1930. Starting in 2012, prints by artist from the Grosvenor School have seen a dramatic resurgence at auction, making record prices and proving incredibly popular among collectors particulrly in London, where the Grosvenor School was located.

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