Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blog 4: "Bailarina en la Barra"

Bailarina en la Barra/ Ballerina to the Handrail
Fernando Botero
Category: Painting
Size: h: 107 x w: 72cm/ h: 42.1x w: 28.3 in

Fernanado Botero is a well-known artist from Colombia. His style is characterized by  exaggerated rounded shapes and forms, painted with smooth brush strokes, and natural human features. Botero paintings and sculpture are humorous  which is his way of reflecting and addressing controversial issues of society. His style also reflects his constant search for volume and reality. One of my favorites part about Botero's work is that he is not afraid to show life as it is, specifically in the structure of society. Another part that captivated me was the vivid colors in the ballerina.

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