Monday, February 24, 2014

Queen Bee, by Bambi

I chose a piece by Bambi because she is known for producing her work on the streets of London. She is notorious for her graffiti work, and her work can be seen in various locations around London. Bambi uses stencils on canvas to create her work, just like this particular piece called Queen Bee. She is praised for her portraits of numerous celebrities, as well.

TITLE:  Queen Bee
ARTIST:  Bambi
CATEGORY:  Paintings
MATERIALS:  Original Stencil, Spray Paint, Oil & Diamond Dust on Canvas
MARKINGS:  Hand signed and dated
STYLE:  Urban / Street Art
PRICE*:  Contact Gallery for Price
GALLERY:  Walton Fine Arts  +44 (0)20 7581 2332  Send Email
DESCRIPTION:  An original unique work by Bambi released by Walton Fine Arts, Bambi's exclusive agent for all original art

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