Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tea Bag

This piece by Claes Oldenburg caught my eye, its a mixed media  screenprint piece. I really like the composition of the piece as a whole and how each individual shape is placed to draw the eyes to it. This artist also has various other pieces just like this but in different shades to depict various kinds of tea. 

Screenprint, on vinyl w/ felt, Plexiglas, screened matt board (tea label) and rayon cord in vacuum-formed vinyl
39 х 28 х 3.5 in. (99.06 x 71.12 x 8.89 cm.)
Signed, and numbered on verso side of tea label in pencil.
Edition 13/125

Foundry/Publisher Multiples, Inc. NYC. fabricated by Knickerbocker Machine and Foundry

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