Monday, February 10, 2014

"Floating in the Green" Andrew Schoultz

TITLE: Floating in the Green (Currency is but a number on the Screen)
ARTIST: Andrew Schoultz (American, b.1975)
CATEGORY: Paintings
MATERIALS: Acrylic, collage, and approximately $10,000 shredded American dollars on canvas stretched over panel.
SIZE: h: 72 x w: 48 in / h: 182.9 x w: 121.9 cm
STYLE: Contemporary
PRICE*: 10,000-20,000 US$  (Convert prices to your currency with our Currency Converter)
GALLERY: Hosfelt Gallery  +1-415-495-5454  Send Email
ONLINE CATALOGUE(S): Hosfelt Inventory

This is a painting entitled "Floating in the Green (currency is but a number on a screen)" completed in 2013 by Andrew Schoultz. The painting is a collage that uses acrylic and approximately $10,000 shredded American dollars. It depicts a ship being pulled through the sky by a parachute. I chose this painting because I was amazed how Schoultz used shredded money in order to complete the painting. I also thought the title and subject of the painting were very cleverly chosen. One can interpret that Schoultz titled the painting "Floating in the Green" because the ship is floating through the sky which is made out of actual money.

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