Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Midterm Inspiration: George Condo

Condo is credited with coining the term Artificial Realism, “the realistic representation of that which is artificial,” to describe his work which combined the traditional European Old Master painting with a sensibility informed by American Pop. With this piece, you can see the portrait of a man skewed to the point where his face is comical and cartoonish; words cannot describe the hilarity of this picture. 

File:George Condo, The Cracked Cardinal.jpg

This picture too; hilarious. The amount of time I spent laughing at this specific picture is regrettable. For this reason my midterm project will be based off this concept of Artificial Realism but through the medium of snap chat art. My plan is to take "selfies" of people and then draw their portrait with the paintbrush feature to make something resembling Condo's work.

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